Saturday, November 10, 2007

Why America has to go to war

The "war to end all wars" began after the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was gunned down by a young Serbian terrorist on June 28, 1914. Events quickly escalated as Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany urged Austria to declare war on Serbia. Russia then mobilized against Austria. Germany mobilized against Russia. France and England then collectively went against Germany – this was the start of World War 1

It was a war that humiliated Germany. They were forced to accept responsibility for the war and had to pay huge war reparation for all the damage. Germany also had to give up land to France and Poland. The German Army was then limited to 100,000 men and was forbidden to have submarines or military aircraft.

In April of 1921, the victorious European Allies of World War One, notably France and England, presented a bill to Germany demanding payment for damages caused in the war, which they claimed, Germany had started. This bill (33 billion dollars) for war reimbursement had the immediate effect of causing ruinous inflation in Germany.
The German mark fell to 18,000 to the dollar. By July, 1923, it sank to 160,000. By August, 1,000,000. And by November, 1923, it took 4,000,000,000 marks to buy a dollar. The Germany economy was in a miserable state and the Germans were a very angry and upset lot.

This would lead to a passionate desire in many Germans to see their nation throw off the "shackles" of the treaty and once again take its place in the world - the "rebirth" of Germany through a strong nationalist government.
It was into this scenario that Hitler marched in. A powerful orator, he sold the concept of a superior race to the Germans. To enforce his strategy Hitler found the Jews suitable to bear the brunt of his ideas. (The Jews – the world over, right through history- had an uncanny knack of being able to make money when everyone else was in dire straits.This, and their clannish behaviour are probably the reasons why the Jews were hated) Hitler capitalized on this enduring hatred. With his mad ideas, this man who could join the circus without any make-up, would later control some of the most influential territories in the world .A dictator that the Germans loved for bringing them out of their misery. “The subordination of the inferior and weaker in accordance with the eternal will that dominates this universe." - Hitler states in Mein Kampf.

With Germany on the rampage every country including Russia, France and later England were on the receiving end. America was not directly involved or influenced by the war but they realised that if England collapsed then Hitler’s next target would be America. And with the Great Depression at its height, or depressed low, Hitler could walk through this uninspired, de-motivated country. (Mass speculation in shares, misdistribution in wealth and over production had led the American economy to the “Great Depression”)

As Germany began its attacks on England, Winston Churchill repeatedly requested Roosevelt- the President of America- for aid to take on the German forces. Finally when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour America entered the war. Roosevelt got Congress to pass an Act that would be the smartest, slickest deal ever that America had entered into. The question that also has to be answered was - Is it Roosevelt alone who brought this to Congress or how much of it was influenced by the Rothschild's family who were the masters of profiting from the war from the days of Napoleon.  The Lend lease Act – a deal that any Shylock would have surely been proud of.

The legislation gave President
Franklin D. Roosevelt the powers to sell, transfer, exchange, and lend equipment to any country to defend itself in the war. Basically it gave America the right to remuneration for every piece of equipment, arms, ammunition and manpower that would be used in the war. America levied a fee (a real big one) to actually help other nations in trouble. (In very simple terms, if your neighbour’s house catches fire, would you call him aside and ask him how much he would pay you for your help in putting out the fire?) Washington even suggested the handing over of British West Indies for about 50 destroyers. America had been given an opportunity and had grabbed it by the balls. The income from this Act turned around the American economy. Industries that were sitting idle now converted into mass production of arms and ammunitions. Unemployment that was over 13 million, ceased to exist in America. This is one of the rare occasions were a country economically grows during a war.

As America gained the Britsh empire lost. It lost its crown and lots more :-.
British inventive greatness - Radar, antibiotics, jet aircraft and British advances in nuclear research had created an industrial revolution all over the developed world. Under the Lend-Lease Agreement, these inventions were surrendered as part of the inter-Allied war effort, free of any royalty or other payments from the United States. Had Churchill been able to insist on adequate royalties for these inventions, both the wartime and post-war balance of payments would have been very different. The total value due by Britain at the end of the war was so huge that the British Government must be still paying America.

But it was also the birth of America as the Mercenary. The country had successfully got over times of depression through its war efforts. There was employment for everyone- factories were converted into wartime supplies manufacturers and the Government was paid for these supplies.

Any successful business will not change its line of products that have kept it in good stead. The same unfortunately was the case with America. They profited from the war and had to continue this source of income. They continue to be the largest producers of arms. Any war in any corner of the world, Uncle Sam is there with business card and merchandise. Consultation free. Arms will be supplied pronto. Bill attached – nothing else comes free.

The American economy will continue to grow so long as Iraq attacks Kuwait, the Russians are at war somewhere, the Indians and Pakistan buys F 16s, Palestine’s fight for their lands… So long as there is war the American Economy will profit from it. It’s the only nation that will supply arms and then hold you responsible for possessing arms of mass destruction. Iraq has experienced it and Iran waits in the wings. India and its recently agreed nuclear facilities had better watch out. America knows how to profit from a war or to invest in it. Afghanistan ‘s losses will be made up in Iran and Iraq. India and Pakistan may be just a back up for the future-an investment. Will America ever attack a country like Ethiopia even if it has the worst of weapons?. Not likely as there is nothing to profit. No oil, not even bloody water.

And in case of extreme emergencies they could use their influence on the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund – both institutions designed to ensure an open, capitalist international economy, initiated and controlled by the US with a monetary system that makes little sense ( again a Rothschild influenced banking system)

America have two important people to thank for the growth of their economy – Hitler and his ambitions for world power and Roosevelt who ensured that America profits from the war.
America got the economics right while, General Patton got the concept right when he said” No bastard won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”

The paradox is that the warriors for world peace are the advocates of war. If we need world peace America has to find alternates to their income from arms and ammunition and stop trying to play god to the world.

Daniel Thomas


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